Buying Call Options

Hook makes it easy for prospective buyers to find options.

Options buyers can start out by going to the 'Options' tab at the top of the page and clicking on an NFT collection that has active options markets. Alternatively, option buyers that have predetermined a strike price and expiration date can save time by selecting the parameters from the drop-down boxes at the top of the page.


The 30D spot volume (in ETH) is listed below a collection.

After selecting a collection, buyers will be taken to its' options page. Buyers will find a list of NFTs for a given strike price and an expiration date. Options that have been listed for sale and that are available to buy now will have prices listed. Those without prices listed are unminted options. Option buyers must make offers on them. Offers will be discussed more in the next section.


Unminted Options

If you've set up notifications on Hook, your NFTs will be displayed in the UI, even if you haven't written options on them. While these can not be purchased immediately (unless the NFT holder decides to mint and list the option), they give buyers a much larger subset of NFTs to make offers on.


Essential data including floor price and 7D floor change % is listed at the top of the collections' page.

Once the buyer has purchased the option from its' writer, the buyer can either wait until the expiration date or prematurely sell the option on Hook's marketplace. Hook's options can only be exercised at their given expiration date since they are European style. If an option holder wants to lock in profits before then, they must sell the option to another buyer.


Various Page Views

On the right side of the page, the default tab selected is 'Activity'. Here, buyers can see recent activity from options being minted, offers being made, and options being sold. Buyers can switch to the 'Overview' tab to see the potential outcomes for a call option.

There are 4 separate tabs above the 'Activity' and 'Overview' tabs.

  1. The 'Option List' tab is the default. It aggregates both listed and unlisted NFTs by expiration date and strike price. Option buyers can easily make offers or outright buy options from this tab.

  2. The 'Market Grid' tab allows buyers to view the highest bid or lowest ask offers for a given collection at each strike price and expiration date. When a collection has a lot of offers, this tab is an easy way to filter through the noise.

  3. The 'All Options' tab lists both unpurchased minted options and purchased options. Buyers can make offers on both of these.

  4. The 'Settlements' tab shows expired options.