Does Hook use oracles?

No, the options are oracle-free! The results of the settlement auction determine whether an option ends up in or out of the money. Because of this, any NFT (even 1/1's) can have call options written on them.

Our vBid product does depend on a floor price oracle; however, you can safely use the protocol oracle free as long as you don't make vBid offers, even when you accept a vBid offer for an option.

Does Hook charge fees?

Hook does not charge fees.

Previously there was a 10% fee on option sales in Hook's marketplace, however, ths fee was reduced to 0%.

Has Hook been audited?

Yes! We've been audited by Sherlock and are insured up to $2.5m. A copy of our audit can be found here.

Hook's bid pools (vBids) were recently audited by Zach Obront.

We also have a bug bounty program on Immunefi with up to $500,000 in rewards.

I discovered a bug/vulnerability. Who should I report it to?

Please join our Discord and open up a 'Help' ticket.

I want to write a call option on my NFT, but it's not a supported collection. Can it be added?

Yes, we're always looking to add new collections based on our community's feedback. Please join our Discord and open up a 'Help' ticket.