Limit Orders

A limit order allows traders to make offers on options at a specific price.

Placing a Limit Order

  1. Input an offer amount in wETH (minimum is 0.01 wETH)
  2. Select a duration in which the offer is valid
    Traders can select a duration from 1 hour to 1 week.


Note: The offer duration is distinct from the option’s expiration.

  1. Review Total Cost
    The total cost includes the offer amount and the protocol fees.
  2. Set a Spending Limit
    If you haven't previously made a limit order you will need to input a spending limit. This is the maximum amount of wETH that the protocol can spend on your behalf. Click the gear icon next to 'Spending Limit' and input a wETH amount in '0x WETH Allowance'. You can always modify your spending limit by repeating this process or by clicking on your balance in the top right-hand corner and inputting a different wETH amount.
  3. Make Offer