Traders can buy, sell, or make offers on Hook's call options in the Trade' tab.

Hook supports two ways to bid on call options. Traders can either make fixed price offers (in wETH) or bid in volatility.

  1. Head to the options tab to buy or make offers on options with specific strike prices and expiration dates.
  2. Head to the vBids tab to make a vBid, a new bid type that act as the floor for all options in a collection.

Once there, you can select a collection by clicking the drop-down menu.

Both the Options and vBids tabs will have relevant information on the options' underlying NFT collection, including:

  • Floor Price
  • 24-hour Floor Price Change
  • 7-day Floor Price Change
  • 5-day Historical Volatility

Hook has added a collapsible activity table at the bottom of the Options and vBids tabs. Here you can see the following:

  1. Current Positions
    Here you can view the options you currently own. You can easily sell your options into the highest bid by clicking 'Sell'.
  2. Open Offers
    Here you can view all the offers you have made. You can easily cancel them by clicking 'Cancel'.
  3. Activity
    Here you can see all the activity in the given collection's market, including offers, listings, and sales.