Reclaim asset

In some cases, an option writer may wish to terminate their option before the expiration. The protocol provides functionality to do this in cases where the writer account can obtain the option ERC-721. The writer could place an offer for that ERC-721 on various marketplaces which may notify the owner that they could earn money for it.

After obtaining the option ERC-721, the writer account may call the reclaim function, which will release the entitlement on the vault, return any active bids to the bidder, and burn the option NFT. They may then either withdraw the asset from the vault or mint a new option with it.

from source:

/// @notice Allows the writer to reclaim an entitled asset. This is only possible when the writer holds the option
  /// nft and calls this function.
  /// @dev Allows the writer to reclaim a NFT if they also hold the option NFT.
  /// @param optionId the option being reclaimed.
  /// @param returnNft true if token should be withdrawn from vault, false to leave token in the vault.
  function reclaimAsset(uint256 optionId, bool returnNft) external;