How to Choose a Volatility

How to choose a volatility?

There are many ways you can select a volatility to bid, however, there are three easy ways to get started.

  1. Place a bid based on the historic volatility of the collection.
    If you believe the collections' volatility is going to increase over the next few days, you could place a bid with a higher volatility than the historical amount.
The 5D historical volatility is displayed in the summary tab.


The 5D Historical Volatility is displayed in the summary tab.

  1. Place a bid based on the top bid.
    Higher vBids will be filled first, so placing the top bid makes it more likely your bid will be accepted. Lower vBids will result in purchasing lower-priced options if accepted.
  2. Select one of the predetermined amounts
    This is the simplest option for making bids based on the amount of rewards you want to receive.