The Simple view is the easiest way to start writing Hook's call options. Instead of needing to select an expiration date, strike price, and premium, an NFT holder can select a risk level to see the corresponding amount of ETH they can immediately earn.

Select a risk level by clicking on one of the circles. Clicking different circles will result in a different earnings number showing up.


Higher Earnings = Greater Risk of a Sale

Below the risk bar is a summary of where the earnings come from. While the NFT holder is writing a call option, a simpler way of looking at it is making a delayed listing:

In exchange for listing your NFT above the floor at a later date, you'll earn an upfront amount of ETH. A trader pays this amount in exchange for any future upside from the sale. If the NFT has a higher price than the listing price on the future date, your NFT will be sold.

If the price does not increase, you can keep it and withdraw it or earn on it again.

Deposit with Hook

After selecting a risk level, click 'Deposit with Hook' to receive the earnings.

Deposit with Hook (Previously Deposited into Hook)

If the underlying NFT was previously deposited into Hook and its option wasn't settled yet, there will be two additional transactions (one gasless and one requiring gas) to settle the previous option before proceeding.