Rewards Tab

The Rewards Tab is the place to see the treasure chests you have earned and how you stack up against other pirates.

Summary Header

The Summary header contains an overview of The Treasure Hunt and your rewards, including:

  1. The current season
  2. The current cycle and time until it ends
  3. The number of revealed chests you've earned by rarity
  4. The number of unrevealed chests you've earned in the current cycle
  5. Rarity Boosts
    Hook partnered with a small number of DAOs before launching publicly. For their support, members of these DAOs received a 10% rarity boost on the chests earned in Season 1.

Treasure Hunt Leaderboard

The leaderboard shows how you rank against other pirates in the Treasure Hunt!

You can view your ranking by either Realized PNL or the total number of chests earned.

Reward History

Here you'll be able to see the following:

  1. The number of chests you’ll earn in this cycle, separated by Option Offer chests and Earn chests.
  2. The number and rarity of chests you've earned in previous cycles.